Deep Tissue Massage – The Best Way to Heal Deep Layers of Tissues and Muscles


Massage therapy is the best way to release stress and tension and also to get relief from any kind of chronic pain. It helps in getting relief from not only physical, but mental pain as well. Spas are designed for all those who don’t get time for proper rest after hectic schedule. Only a working personality isn’t the one who suffers with physical trauma, but those who manage household chores as well as family are also victim of stress and tiredness.

Spas help in eliminating tension in muscles and tissues. When essential oil with medicinal benefits is used to massage specific painful areas it not only provides relief from pain, but the medicinal benefit gives a refreshing look to your skin. The mineral water used in spa Nordique like Strom, provides strength, energy, movement and power.

One such spa method used frequently these days in most spa massage centres is deep tissue massage. It’s just like Swedish massage, but treats deep coatings of muscles and tissues. If somebody is suffering from chronic pain and aches such as lower back and upper back pain, stiff neck, tight muscles or sore shoulders, then this therapy can be used to heal those areas. More pressure is applied on specific areas and the movement is slow and circular. The movement is slow and deep so that it reaches the muscles and tissues that are hurting.

People who take deep tissue massage can get relief from pain like –

  • Lower back pain
  • Quick recovery from any injury
  • Tennis elbow
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Postural problem
  • Limited mobility
  • Low blood pressure

However, avoid this massage or consult your doctor if –

  • If you are diagnosed with frequent blood clotting, then consult your doctor before going for it because this massage can dislocate the clots.
  • If you’ve any medical condition like osteoporosis, or undergone a surgery.

During muscle tension, blood circulation is stopped and it leaves behind chronic pain. This forces the person to restrict movement which further stops circulation in that spot. With this massage technique, the contracted muscles are relaxed, but the process can be painful for some people as they aren’t used to it. Moreover, during the massage, tremendous pressure is applied on the particular area. Hence, you should communicate with your therapist if you experience any pain so that they can adjust the pressure to give you comfort.

Deep tissue spa massage is not a magical therapy, thus don’t expect to see results in one session. Don’t request therapist to put extra pressure thinking that it might show quick results. Professionals know their job well so leave it to them.