The Best Guide to Get Started with Indoor Climbing


Being able to haul your body to the top of a wall using your flexibility and strength is quite rewarding. Whether you are new to bouldering or has been doing it for a long time, there is always something to learn, experience, and achieve. But, getting started doesn’t have to be daunting. Whatever your climbing goals are, it makes sense to start with indoor climbing.

What you Need to Wear when Climbing

The best climbing clothes are those that provide comfort and can stretch as you move. Avoid baggy clothes since they can catch on climbing holds. While you can always stay fashionable while climbing, keep in mind that your clothes can get chalk and sweat on.

Important Gear

Before you get started, you need some pieces of equipment. In case you prefer to engage in bouldering, you need chalk and shoes. There are climbing-specific shoes you can buy that are designed to be flexible and have the ability to help you stand on small holds. If you prefer top rope, you must have a harness. This gear is a necessity when you climb walls in a climbing gym.  Also, you will need a locking carabiner used for attaching your belay device to your harness.

Kinds of Indoor Climbing

When it comes to indoor climbing, you have some options to choose from. These include:

  • Bouldering. Usually, bouldering walls are short and low to the ground with huge mats below them. The majority of gyms have areas designated for bouldering that new climbers don’t find hard. You can find a good bouldering gym
  • Top roping. This kind of indoor climbing involves climbing up a wall with a rope attached to a belayer and re-directed through an anchor above the climber and tied into their harness. This lets you learn about rope systems.

  • Leading. This form of climbing involves climbing with a rope tied to you and connected to a belayer. However, in this kind of climbing, the rope isn’t re-redirected through an anchor above you. It should be clipped through quickdraws in the wall while you climb.

Once you get started with indoor climbing, you will have to learn some basic skills before you can climb without supervision. These skills depend on the kind of climbing you want to engage in. Choose a gym that offers the best assistance possible. As more and more people are engaging in indoor-only climbing, there is an increasing number of climbing gyms being opened.